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What's New  - January 2018

Happy New Year! We have been busy here at ApricotMaps, and we are happy to announce the release two of several new features we have planned for this year.

The first change is a usability one for those using the directory map and have many members needing to be displayed. Map markers are now grouped together in zones when zoomed out. A new cluster marker is shown when many markers are found close together - these markers show appear in a different color based on the density of the members, and show a number for the amount of members found in that area. Clicking on the cluster marker or zooming in will show you the individual markers in that area. This update has been applied to all current clients who do not currently have a custom directory.

Another update we have made is a long requested one - the ability for members to have more than one location listed in the directory listing and on the map.

You can enable your directory to show up to 10 locations per member, at $10 per additional location (10% discount will apply to annual subscriptions). You ApricotMaps plan will not count these additional locations as separate members, so you would not need to upgrade to a higher subscription plan (for example, you can have up to 500 members in the Community plan, and over 500 separate mapped locations). Please see our documentation on how to set up your Wild Apricot fields correctly for this feature.

If you are already have an ApricotMaps subscription, please contact us if you wish to enable multiple locations on your account.

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