Welcome FirstName! Your directory widget code is shown below:

Click here to access your dashboard and update your directory settings.

NEW FEATURES COMING SOON! We will soon be launching new features that will be included with your existing ApricotMaps account at no additional cost. These include mapping multiple locations per member, custom member profile URLs, and custom profile layouts. Stay tuned!


Adding the ApricotMaps directory to WordPress requires the ability to insert an iframe. This may require you to install a plugin. Since every WordPress setup varies differently, the best route to take is to ask your website administrator or webmaster to insert the directory for you.

To embed the directory, they will need the embed code - this can be found when you log into either apricotmaps.com or dashboard.wildapricot.com. Click here for more information.

Depending on the WordPress setup, they would either insert this code directly, or extract your unique URL from the code to use with a plugin that will create and insert the iframe.

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