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ApricotMaps requires your Wild Apricot API Key in order to access your membership database. If you would like to learn more about the Wild Apricot API Key, please see Wild Apricot's online documentation.

Generating the API Key

In order to generate your API Key, log into your Wild Apricot website and follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Settings menu then select the Authorized applications option (under Integration).
  2. On the Authorized applications screen, click the Authorize application button.

  3. select the Server application option and click the Continue button
  4. From the Application details screen click the Generate API key button.
  5. Enter an application name (we recommend "ApricotMaps Directory") and select the "Read only" option. Leave all other fields blank. Copy the API key that is displayed, and click the Save button.

Connecting Your Wild Apricot Account

Log into your Dashboard and click the "API Settings" link in the sidebar menu. Paste in your Wild Apricot API key into the designated field.

Your will be required to also enter your Google Maps API Key before you can save. Click here for instructions on how to obtain this key.

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