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ApricotMaps checks your Wild Apricot account for member profile changes at regular intervals intervals. Depending on where your account lays in the update queue, changes to membership profile can take a few hours to be reflected in your ApricotMaps directory.

If you setup a Webhook in your Wild Apricot settings, Wild Apricot will notify ApricotMaps every time a member's profile gets updated. This will allow changes to be reflected in the ApricotMaps directory within 0 to 5 minutes. Setting up a Webhook for ApricotMaps is optional but highly recommended.

Settings up Webhook for ApricotMaps

To add a webhook to your Wild Apricot account,you first need to find your Webhook URL. The the webhook URL is shown to you when you  access your dashboard at Copy this URL, as you will need it in a moment.

  1. Click the Settings menu and select the Webhooks option (under Integration).

  2. On the Webhooks screen, click Add webhook.
  3. On the Add Webhook screen,
    • Enter in "ApricotMaps" as the title
    • For the URL, enter in the URL you copied from your ApricotMaps dashboard.
    • For Authorization settings, set that as "None"
    • For Notification type(s), check both "Contact" and "Membership"
    • Finally, check "Allow webhook" and save your changes.
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