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If things don't seem to be working correctly, there are a number of things you can check before contacting support.

Missing Members

If you cannot find a member in your ApricotMaps directory, it is likely due to one of three things:

  • This is a new member and the ApricotMaps directory has not indexed their record yet.
    Newly activated members (including members who were lapsed or suspended) will not immediately appear in the directory. It could take up to 24 hours for new member to be found in the directory.
  • This member record is missing required mapping information
    Since the primary function of ApricotMaps is to search by location, your members must have at least the "city" field or "zip code" field filled out. Members without this information will not be index, making room for other members who do have the required information. If you have a custom directory, this may not apply.
  • This member has an invalid address and cannot be geocoded
    If a member has the "city" or "zip code" field filled out, they will get index in the ApricotMaps database. However, they will not appear in the map or directory listing if their address is invalid. An invalid address is an address that cannot be geocoded by Google Maps. If you have a custom directory, this may not apply.

Reviewing Invalid Addresses

If a member is missing for the directory, it may because their address information is incorrect or badly formatted and therefore cannot be geocoded by Google Maps. When you log into your ApricotMaps dashboard, you can see at a glance how many of your members have been geocoded.

  • Active Members — The first box shows how many members you have indexed and the percentage of of your ApricotMaps limit you have used up. Indexed members are members that are part of your selected membership levels that have either a "city" or "zip code" filled out and have a membership status of "Active" or "Pending Renewal".
  • Addresses Geocoded — The second box shows how many of your indexed members could be geocoded, as well as what percentage of your active members that makes up.
  • Invalid Addresses — The third box shows how many of your indexed members could not be geocoded, as well as what percentage of your active members that makes up.

To review the addresses that could not be geocoded, click on the "Invalid Addresses" link in the sidebar menu.

On this screen you will be presented with a list of members whose addresses Google Maps determined to be invalid. When you hover your mouse over a row, you will see the full, formatted address that is sent to Google Maps.

The first column of the table shows the member's name and links to the member's contact details on your Wild Apricot account. The second column shows the street address which links to a Google Maps search - clicking on this can give you more information on why geocoding failed. Some common reasons are:

  • A typo
  • Missing street direction or street type
  • Incorrect city
  • Bad formatting, including incorrect use of unit or floor number

If you are unsure how to correct an address, test it out in Google Maps until you get a result without issues.

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